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We all have a social imperative to tackle the biodiversity and climate crisis. For us, this means encouraging innovative solutions from around the world.


Standard uses science-based, technology, ideas and methodologies to solve the biggest challenges the global community faces. Their business models are sustainable financially, socially and environmentally. Profit is generated as a means to sustain and scale the business and its positive impact on the planet.

An awareness of greenwashing and a commitment to honest communication is central to Standard. Communications should educate and inspire, encouraging a move towards sustainable systems. Standard leads by example, reducing its own carbon footprint as much as possible and offsetting when necessary.

From finance to food, supply chains to consumption behavior: Standard has an unlimited range of focus, as long as the following criteria are met:


  • Founded with the purpose of protecting the environment

  • Have a science-based, measurable impact

  • Remain true to its mission and do not engage in greenwashing

Standard has one common goal: to transform our systems and societies into ones that thrive within planetary boundaries.

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