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Green Education

Standard aims to identify key factors and impediments influencing sustainability education, evaluate existing approaches, and develop effective educational materials and programs to promote behavior change towards sustainable practices. 

Green Thumb Challenge

Check out our Green Thumb Challenge winners and runners-up! A big thank you to everyone who participated and submitted entries!

The Green Classroom Pledge

Participate in the Green Classroom Pledge today! Email on your signed Pledge. 

Green Week

Join now to participate in all of the fun. A special thanks to all the schools who have submitted the Green in Action Awards. Check out the previous year's winners here! Take this time to think about what week you would like to be your next Green Week.  Choose your theme from this list of Standard Programs.

Sustainability 101 Certification!

Standard Institute is now utilizing NOCTI to administer its Sustainability 101 Certification program. Check out the Press Release to learn more about the partnership.

Green Theme Stationery
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